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The Importance of VoIP and Unified Communications

Ruth Bridger, the VP of Marketing at Xorcom, was a recent guest on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series. The series, which is hosted by TechnologyAdvice’s Josh Bland, explores a variety of business and technology landscapes through conversations with industry leaders. In this episode we discuss security against cyber attacks on the IP-PBX, hospitality for VoIP, […]

Choosing the Wrong IP-PBX Can Cost You $$$$$ in Toll Fraud

. Learn How to Avoid the Risk of Cyber-Attack Increasing numbers of enterprises are learning to appreciate the advantages of VoIP communications: greatly reduced long distance charges, unified communications, optimal use of network resources…the list goes on and on. On the other hand, hackers are becoming ever more sophisticated, turning toll fraud into a multi-billion […]

Avoid the Risk – CompletePBX is Your Best Defense Against Cyber-Attacks

Cyber-attack — malicious users gaining unauthorized access to Internet-based systems — is not a new phenomenon. However, the rate that it is spreading, especially to the world of Internet Telephony (VoIP and SIP trunking), cannot be ignored. Check out this recent post which details some of the disturbing facts that face enterprises today. What Can […]

FreePBX Security Threat Discovered; Solution Proposed

Our friends on the Elastix development team at Palosanto have just informed us that a security threat has been discovered. It affects servers running Elastix versions 1.5 and 1.6. The security breach allows remote users to write files on the server’s hard drive through FreePBX . This action involves two different security problems: the first problem […]

Xorcom Recorded Webinar Library Now on YouTube

For some unknown reason, the 15-minute length limit has been removed from our YouTube account. So, we took advantage of this opportunity to upload various recorded Webinars from months gone by. Take a look, and subscribe to this channel, ’cause there’s more on the way! Here are the titles of the most recent uploads: How […]

Tips for Avoiding Toll Fraud (and Other Security Risks) for Asterisk PBX

Our partner, Flavio Goncalvez, has just updated his great article about protecting your Asterisk PBX from toll fraud by adding five tips to the existing ten. If this topic is of interest to you, you might also like to download our recorded Webinar about “Asterisk Security Threats and Best Practices”.

Learn Best Practices for Protecting Asterisk PBX Against Attack

Our CTO, Leonid Fainshtein, recently presented an extremely informative Webinar about simple things you can do to protect your Asterisk PBX against unauthorized access. You won’t want to miss these important tips, which were compiled on the basis of real-life support requests and Leonid’s vast experience with VoIP systems. The Webinar, entitled “Asterisk Security Threats […]

Protect Your Asterisk PBX from Attack: Best Practices Shared

Recently an attack on an Asterisk-based telephony system, which resulted in $11,000 worth of stolen minutes, was reported. The number of similar attacks is steadily increasing. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU AND YOUR CUSTOMERS! Over 99% of the attacks reported until now may be prevented by following a few simple practices. These practices are […]