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WiFi, Cellular and Asterisk-based PBX: What’s the Connection?

One of our certified resellers, Ric Caselli of MPBX, just published an interesting article entitled “PBX-to-cell phone integration through WiFi: Blackberry jumps in”. Recommended reading! Check it out…

Xorcom Thoughts on AstriEurop

Xorcom accepted a speaking opportunity at AstriEurop, held April 14-16 in Paris. Although we decided not to exhibit there (the conference coincided with a technical training session we held for partners in our corporate offices), our CEO Eran Gal thought the event important enough to warrant a day away from the office (and his family). […]

Law Office in UK Impressed with Xorcom IP-PBX and Reseller “Phones Correct”

“The capital cost of implementing the proposed solution [from Xorcom] was half the price of purchasing a traditional solution yet by using IP telephony all the functionality is still provided. While the cost savings are impressive, what is really great about this solution is the flexibility; it does everything and much more than the competitors […]

VoIPStore Releases Training Video About Xorcom Astribanks

Did you know that Xorcom Astribank drivers are native in Asterisk? This simple fact makes installing these USB-2 connected telephony interfaces a breeze. This video, featuring Kerry Garrison as trainer, shows just how simple Astribanks are to configure.