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Xorcom IP-PBX Now Shipping with Elastix 2.2 and Asterisk 1.8

After countless hours of joint development with Palosanto, bug fixing and quality assurance testing, we are now confident enough to start shipping our servers with the updated Elastix and Asterisk versions. Starting immediately, the entire line of Xorcom IP-PBX — XR1000, XR2000, XR3000, XE2000, XE3000, TS2000 and TS3000 — will all include Elastix 2.2x, which […]

Hardware Echo Cancellation Module – Application Notes

Learn how to optimize configurations to work with the new Xorcom hardware echo cancellation module, which: minimizes echo improves voice quality reduces load on the PBX CPU We have prepared a short video as well as application notes, in English and Español.

“How to” Videos Demonstrate Uses for XE Series IP-PBX Touch Panel

We have just published three short videos which show you how to use the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and touch panel in the new Xorcom XE series of IP-PBX appliances. The first video describes how you can discover the server’s IP Address (if your system is configured to use a DHCP server) and how to […]

FreePBX Security Threat Discovered; Solution Proposed

Our friends on the Elastix development team at Palosanto have just informed us that a security threat has been discovered. It affects servers running Elastix versions 1.5 and 1.6. The security breach allows remote users to write files on the server’s hard drive through FreePBX . This action involves two different security problems: the first problem […]

Instructions for Updating Elastix 1.6 on Xorcom Servers

We have just published new instructions for updating an existing Elastix distribution on your Xorcom XR1000, XR2000 or XR3000 server. For customers currently using Elastix 1.5 who wish to upgrade to version 1.6, download these instructions (PDF). For customers with Elastix 1.6 who want to upgrade to the latest software packages, download these instructions (PDF).

Security Threat Discovered; Suggested Solution Described

Affected Products All Xorcom IP-PBX models (XR1nnn, XR2nnn, XR3nnn, XE2nnn, XE3nnn) running Elastix 1.x Problem It recently came to our attention that it is possible to login to the Elastix server unembedded FreePBX Web interface (http://address/admin) with user name ‘asteriskuser’ and password ‘eLaStIx.asteriskuser.2oo7’. The user name and password are the same user name and password […]

Echo Cancellation Hardware Now Available for Astribank and Xorcom IP-PBX

We are now shipping a hardware echo canceller module for Astribank telephony interfaces and the full line of Xorcom Asterisk-based IP-PBX appliances. This module provides a high level of echo cancellation and voice enhancement while reducing load on the CPU as compared to OSLEC, the software-based echo cancellation solution provided in the standard Asterisk framework. […]

Have You Seen the New Xorcom Cases?

We have completed the upgrade of the exterior design of our telephony modules and stand-alone IP-PBX systems. The new design lends a distinctive, modern appearance to the product lines while supporting even greater flexibility for OEM options. In addition, all XR2000 and XR3000 IP-PBX models now feature an on/off button and hard disk drive (HDD) […]

XR1000 Now Supports 10 Concurrent Calls

We have just released a new version of our low-end appliance, the XR1000. Upgraded hardware in the new version allows each model in the series to support up to 50 users and 10 concurrent calls, irrespective of the codec used. Powered by a Celeron 1.2 GHz processor and featuring a 4GB Single Layer Cell (SLC) […]

DAHDI-Related Support Alerts

We have just published three separate support alerts having to do with DAHDI version 2.3: DAHDI Fails to Configure ISDN BRI d-channels Astribank Spans Fail to Register Astribank Firmware Loading Issue with DAHDI 2.3 If you have been experiencing any compatibility issues between Xorcom products and Elastix 2.0 (or DAHDI 2.3) please check these alerts […]