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Choosing the Wrong IP-PBX Can Cost You $$$$$ in Toll Fraud

. Learn How to Avoid the Risk of Cyber-Attack Increasing numbers of enterprises are learning to appreciate the advantages of VoIP communications: greatly reduced long distance charges, unified communications, optimal use of network resources…the list goes on and on. On the other hand, hackers are becoming ever more sophisticated, turning toll fraud into a multi-billion […]

Avoid the Risk – CompletePBX is Your Best Defense Against Cyber-Attacks

Cyber-attack — malicious users gaining unauthorized access to Internet-based systems — is not a new phenomenon. However, the rate that it is spreading, especially to the world of Internet Telephony (VoIP and SIP trunking), cannot be ignored. Check out this recent post which details some of the disturbing facts that face enterprises today. What Can […]

Xorcom CEO Quoted in Industry Article on VoIP Adoption by PSTN Users

Eran Gal, CEO and co-founder of Xorcom, was recently interviewed for an article published by SoftwareAdvice. The article, entitled “PSTN User Perspectives on IP Communications IndustryView | 2014” researched the VoIP adoption behavior of PSTN users. Below you’ll find the reason that the author sought out Xorcom as an expert on this topic, as well as a […]

Xorcom IP-PBX Now Shipping with Elastix 2.2 and Asterisk 1.8

After countless hours of joint development with Palosanto, bug fixing and quality assurance testing, we are now confident enough to start shipping our servers with the updated Elastix and Asterisk versions. Starting immediately, the entire line of Xorcom IP-PBX — XR1000, XR2000, XR3000, XE2000, XE3000, TS2000 and TS3000 — will all include Elastix 2.2x, which […]

Clarifications About Digium R-Series vs Xorcom TwinStar Comparison

The best compliment a manufacturer can receive in any industry is to have another manufacturer publicly compare its products to theirs. It indicates there is a recognized leader in the industry for the specific area being compared. Such is the case with Xorcom and Digium. The latter has finally come out with a resiliency solution […]

Good Practices for Protection Against IP-PBX Security Threats

While Xorcom, just like any other PBX manufacturer, is not in charge of the client’s network or Internet services, we do invest a lot of effort to help prevent fraudulent intrusion into the PBX. For example, our systems include software to detect bad logins. Furthermore, we have compiled the following recommendations below to help system […]

What a Reseller Can Do to Avoid (and Treat) IP-PBX Toll Fraud

It is typically the small business owner that is the victim of toll fraud. Often, a new IP PBX is installed but the customer fails to invest in a proper firewall or router, mostly due to cost, and does not enhance the network to minimize hacking. These are the customers that need to be advised […]

Hardware Echo Cancellation Module – Application Notes

Learn how to optimize configurations to work with the new Xorcom hardware echo cancellation module, which: minimizes echo improves voice quality reduces load on the PBX CPU We have prepared a short video as well as application notes, in English and Español.

“How to” Videos Demonstrate Uses for XE Series IP-PBX Touch Panel

We have just published three short videos which show you how to use the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and touch panel in the new Xorcom XE series of IP-PBX appliances. The first video describes how you can discover the server’s IP Address (if your system is configured to use a DHCP server) and how to […]

Instructions for Updating Elastix 1.6 on Xorcom Servers

We have just published new instructions for updating an existing Elastix distribution on your Xorcom XR1000, XR2000 or XR3000 server. For customers currently using Elastix 1.5 who wish to upgrade to version 1.6, download these instructions (PDF). For customers with Elastix 1.6 who want to upgrade to the latest software packages, download these instructions (PDF).